CHRYSO®Xel 384

CHRYSO®Xel 384 is a special formulation which accelerates the hardening of concrete.

CHRYSO®Xel 384 reduces significantly setting time and improves early compressive strengths.

  • Set is accelerated and mechanical strength grows rapidly, so that frost does not damage fresh concrete.
  • CHRYSO®Xel 384 works as a catalyst for hydration reaction, especially at low temperature.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Xel 384 is especially adapted for any concrete application requiring increased early compressive or flexural strengths without detriment to ultimate strengths.

  1. Compatible with all types of cement
  2. Recommended for CEM III cement
  3. Precast (with or without steam curing)
  4. Moulded concrete
  5. Prestressed concrete
  6. Ready-Mixed Concrete
  7. Traditional Concrete
  8. All concreting when high early strength are needed
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