CHRYSO®Fuge E reacts chemically with the free lime in the cement to form pore blocking solids, which obstruct the pore capillary action within the concrete.

Concrete and mortar treated with CHRYSO®Fuge E has increased resistance to water penetration, either by capillary action or under pressure.

CHRYSO®Fuge E does not significantly modify the characteristics of the fresh or
hardened concrete.

  • Use of CHRYSO®Fuge and CHRYSO®Fluid will significantly reduce water absorption and chloride ion ingress.
  • Integral waterproofing even if surfaces are damaged.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Suitable with all cement types: OPC, SRC and cement replacement materials GGBS, PFA, SFA and microsilica
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Fuge E is recommended for all concrete mixes where low water absorption and penetration is required, for high durability concrete.

  1. Structural concrete
  2. Precast concrete
  3. Piling
  4. Coastal and marine structures
  5. Sub-surface concrete
  6. Water retaining concrete
  7. Water treatment works
  8. Desalination plants
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