CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600

CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600 contains organic polymers which react with free lime produced during normal hydration to produce a hydrophobic material.

CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600 is supplied as a low viscosity colourless liquid that instantly disperses in water.

CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600 is chloride, bituminous and ammonia free.

CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600 is compatible with all CHRYSO®Fluid and CHRYSO®Plast
ranges of water reducers.

  • Use of CHRYSO®Fuge and CHRYSO®Fluid will significantly reduce water absorption and chloride ion ingress.
  • Integral waterproofing even if surfaces are damaged.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Suitable with all cement types: OPC, SRC and cement replacement materials GGBS, PFA, SFA and microsilica.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Fuge CQ 600 is recommended for all concrete mixes where low water absorption and penetration is required, for high durability concrete.

  1. Structural concrete
  2. Precast concrete
  3. Piling
  4. Coastal and marine structures
  5. Sub-surface concrete
  6. Water retaining concrete
  7. Water treatment works
  8. Desalination plants
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