CHRYSO®Air G100 is an air entraining agent creating stable microscopic air bubbles in concrete and mortar.

CHRYSO®Air G100 protects the concrete effectively against frost/defrost cycles and the action of defrosting salts.


CHRYSO®Air G100 creates a matrix of stable, evenly distributed air bubbles in both the fresh and hydrated system employed.

In fresh concrete, CHRYSO®Air G100 also has a plasticising effect. It limits the amount of segregation and reduces or even eliminates bleeding.

Using CHRYSO®Air G100 prevents many compatibility problems between cement/sand/admixtures.

Its highly effective action ensures its compatibility with all types if superplasticizers, and especially with CHRYSO®Optima and CHRYSO®Premia ranges.

CHRYSO®Air G100 improve workability - the micro air bubbles entrained act as ball bearings, lubricating the mix.

Domains of application

CHRYSO®Air G100 is recommended for all concrete and mortar mixes where low density and entrained air is required.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Highway slabs, runways
  3. Dams, reservoirs
  4. Road & maritime construction
  5. Compensation of the harshness of some natural sands with low fine particle content
  6. Concrete exposed to thaw
  7. Extruded concrete
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