CHRYSO®Air R² is an air entraining agent creating stable microscopic air bubbles in concrete and mortar.

CHRYSO®Air R² protects the concrete effectively against frost/defrost cycles and the action of defrosting salts due to the spreading of particularly small size of air bubbles entrained and stabilized.


CHRYSO®Air R² creates a matrix of stable, evenly distributed air bubbles in both the fresh and hydrated concrete.

In fresh concrete, CHRYSO®Air R² has a plasticising and water reduction effect at constant workability. The air bubbles act as fine particles, and augment the workability of the concrete.

Using CHRYSO®Air R² prevents many compatibility problems between cement/sand/admixtures.

Its highly effective action ensures its compatibility with all types if superplasticizers, and especially with CHRYSO®Optima and CHRYSO®Premia ranges.

Moreover, adding CHRYSO®Air R² helps to trap water. Therefore, it limits segregation and reduces, even prevents, from bleeding.

Domains of application

CHRYSO®Air R² is recommended for all concrete and mortar mixes where low density and entrained air is required.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Highway slabs, runways
  3. Dams, reservoirs
  4. Road & maritime construction
  5. Compensation of the harshness of some natural sands with low fine particle content
  6. Concrete exposed to thaw
  7. Extruded concrete
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