CHRYSO®CI 2005 is based on Calcium Nitrite, which interacts with the structural steel in concrete to prevent chloride attack.

CHRYSO®CI 2005 chemically reacts with steel to maintain a passivating layer when chlorides penetrate the concrete, significantly delaying the rate of corrosion.

  • CHRYSO® CI 2005 increases life of all reinforced concrete structures.
  • CHRYSO® CI 2005 chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on all reinforcing steel and pre-stressing tendons.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other admixtures, but should be added to the mix separately and must not be mixed together prior to addition.
  • CHRYSO® CI 2005 is a Water based & non-flammable, therefore safe to use.
  • Offers Owners, Clients, Engineers and Govt. Bodies, a timeproven, corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend life of all reinforced concrete structures.
Domains of application

When used in fresh concrete mixes, CHRYSO® CI 2005 will seek out and form a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals. Project specifications will determine addition rates, which should be pre-determined following projected chloride ion ingress over the life span of the structure. Preliminary tests should always be carried out to determine the effects on the concrete mix design.

  1. All reinforced concrete used in Foundation , Ground Floors, Split slabs, Car decks, Inverted roofs, Basements, Underground Tunnels, etc.
  2. All reinforced precast, pre-stressed, post-tensioned or marine concrete structures
  3. Concrete substructures in marine environment/splash zones, water reservoirs, swimming pools
  4. Pre-cast and all steel reinforced concrete structures exposed to de-icing salts and corrosive environment such as carbonation and atmospheric attack
  5. Industrial concrete structures with sulphur vapor
  6. Concrete mixed with chloride water
  7. Cooling Towers, Plant & Factory floors subject to chemical and/or acid attack.
  8. Preventive maintenance, Restoration and repair of all reinforced concrete structures, when utilizing proprietary repair mortars
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