CHRYSO®CI 555 is a liquid concrete admixture for steel protection, to be added into concrete.

CHRYSO®CI 555 can be added to the water.

CHRYSO®CI 555 can also be used in repair mortars and grouts.

CHRYSO®CI 555 is composed of efficient corrosion inhibitors, combined with polyfunctional agents and a phosphonic combination made of amine salts, which increases corrosion inhibition properties.

CHRYSO®CI 555 protects steel be a well-proven, migratory inhibition

  • CHRYSO®CI 555 increases life of all reinforced concrete structures.
  • Effectively protects against corrosion. Will even migrate into the densest of concrete and to adjoining areas to protect surrounding metal elements and provides efficient protection against carbonation & attack by atmospheric gasses such as CO2, SO2, CI and so on.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other admixtures.
  • CHRYSO®CI 555 is a Water based, Organic & non-flammable, therefore safe and user friendly.
  • Does not contain any calcium nitrite.
  • Concentrated version. Lesser downtime for mixing and definitely reduced logistical/storage requirements.
  • Offers Owners, Clients, Engineers and Govt. Bodies, a timeproven, corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend life of all reinforced concrete structures.
Domains of application

When used in fresh concrete mixes, CHRYSO®CI 555 will seek out and form a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals. When used with cementitious repair mortars and grouts, CHRYSO®CI 555 will migrate and reach undisturbed parent concrete, providing efficient corrosion protection to rebar's which are already in place. Unique feature of CHRYSO®CI 555 is that the inhibitor will migrate a considerable distance through concrete to provide protection and will stop further corrosion of reinforcing metals.

  1. All reinforced concrete used in Foundation , Ground Floors, Split slabs, Car decks, Inverted roofs, Basements, Underground Tunnels, etc.
  2. All reinforced precast, pre-stressed, post-tensioned or marine concrete structures
  3. Concrete substructures in marine environment/splash zones, water reservoirs, swimming pools
  4. Pre-cast and all steel reinforced concrete structures exposed to de-icing salts and corrosive environment such as carbonation and atmospheric attack.
  5. Industrial concrete structures with sulphur vapor
  6. Concrete mixed with chloride water
  7. Cooling Towers, Plant & Factory floors subject to chemical and/or acid attack
  8. Preventive maintenance, Restoration and repair of all reinforced concrete structures, when utilizing proprietary repair mortars.
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