CHRYSO®Plast V90

CHRYSO®Plast V90 is a viscosity modifying admixture (VMA) developed for producing flowing and self compacting concrete and mortars. As a result, concrete using CHRYSO®Plast V90 are significantly less sensitive to water or fine content inconsistency.

CHRYSO®Plast V90 improves the production of self-leveling concrete.

CHRYSO®Plast V90 is generally used in combination with a (high range) water reducer.

  • With the use of CHRYSO®Plast V90 , rheological properties of concrete are significantly more consistent.
  • CHRYSO®Plast V90 increases resistance to segregation and bleeding. It reduces sensitivity to water and fines variations in concrete mix designs.
  • CHRYSO®Plast V90 is recommended for all high flowability concrete mixes such as SCC where superior robustness to bleeding & segregation while maintaining excellent placeability is desired.
  • CHRYSO®Plast V90 reduces segregation and bleeding when added on fresh concrete.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Plast V90 is recommended for all concrete mixes where improved concrete performance , consistent rheological concrete properties and superior robustness characteristics are desirable.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Pre-cast concrete
  3. Pre-stressed concrete
  4. Ready-mix concrete
  5. Flowable / Self-levelling concrete / Self-compacting concrete
  6. Cementitious grouts
  7. Lightweight concrete
  8. Concrete and mortars applications when bleeding control is significant.

CHRYSO®Plast V90 can also be used in synergy with other CHRYSO products in order to meet the most technical requests - CHRYSO technical assistance is at your disposal for further information.

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