CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D Synthetic microfiber, is a new generation polypropylene micro fibre for reinforcement of concrete.

CHRYSO’s Unique technology combines ultra thin diameter with ultra high strength, resulting in the highest level in plastic shrinkage crack prevention available.

Hundreds of millions of high tensile, high modulus filaments per dose of CHRYSO®
FIBRIN 23 D create an extremely dense, three dimensional network in any cementitious application.

  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D has a good adherence to the cement paste, which increases strain capacity.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D acts as fire protection for the concrete against spalling. The CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D melts under high temperatures allowing passages to be formed within the concrete that allows the steam to escape.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D will increase the fire rating of concrete due to its 18 μ diameter.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D slows down bleeding, reduces permeability and avoids spalling when removing the form.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D decreases the risk of cracking during the pre-hardening stage. This means the damaging effects of plastic shrinkage are eliminated.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D improves abrasive resistance, resistance to impacts (surface, joints, angles), resistance to frost/defrost cycle, fire resistance and resistance to chemical attack.
  • CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D is not a replacement to structural reinforcement, but it is a very good alternative to mesh reinforcement that is used to control plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking. This reduces cost and construction time while making the construction process easier.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®FIBRIN 23 D is recommended for all concrete and mortar mixes where reduction of cracking caused by plastic shrinkage, plastic settlement, thermal expansion and contraction in concrete is desirable. It also contribute to reduce water migration and to increase the surface resistance to impacts, abrasion and shattering.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Heavy prefabrication
  3. High performance concrete, ultra high performance concrete
  4. Ready-mix concrete
  5. Self-levelling concrete
  6. Slabs
  7. Tanks
  8. All precasted elements
  9. Pumped conrete
  10. Shotcrete
  11. Grouts
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