CHRYSO®Jet 1000 AF

CHRYSO®JET 1000 AF is an alkali-free accelerator especially in case of wetcrete.

CHRYSO®JET 1000 AF starts up a sudden drop of slump and a thixotropic effect at the time of spraying.

CHRYSO®JET 1000 AF can be used in combination with superplasticisers like CHRYSO®Optima 100.

  • High build enables faster coverage with minimised slump
  • Can be applied up to 150mm in one application to vertical surfaces and up to 100mm overhead dependent on weight/volume of aggregate
  • Low rebound – controlled set allows new material to be embedded in applied mortar
  • Chloride free liquid
  • 28-Day strength not adversely affected
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Jet 1000 AF can be used in every application in wetcrete, to realise thicknesses between 15 and 20 cm in vertical (10 to 15 cm in vault) with guarantees initial strengths.

To enable high build of sprayed concrete, shotcrete and gunite without slump.

To provide set acceleration and reduce rebound.

CHRYSO®Jet 1000 AF is used in all wet-mix shotcrete application.

  1. Tunneling
  2. Gallery
  3. Mining
  4. Slope stabilization
  5. Shaft protection
  6. Drilling projection
  7. All types of cement
  8. Compatible with Micro silica, GGBS and Fly Ash
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