CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10

CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 is a new generation liquid anti-washout admixture designed for the underwater placement of concrete and grout.

  • CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 allows for superior resistance to washout of cementitious materials and fine aggregates, while impeding the blending of external water into the plastic concrete.
  • Concrete manufactured with CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 exhibit superior cohesiveness properties while remaining easy to pump and place.
  • CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 is compatible with most CHRYSO water reducers.
Domains of application
  1. Compatible with all types of cement
  2. Construction of Dams
  3. Reparation of works of art structures
  4. Bridge piers
  5. Underwater stone block rubble
  6. Underwater construction
  7. Marine construction

CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 should be used in combination with a (high range) water reducer of the range CHRYSO®Optima or CHRYSO®Premia.

Technical Data Sheet Download
  • Bulk
  • 1000 L Cubitainers
  • 215 L Plastic barrels