CHRYSO®Remblai Dose

CHRYSO®Remblai Dose is specifically formulated for the realization of stable, light and re-excavable backfill concrete.

  • CHRYSO®Remblai Dose improves the concrete or mortar homogeneity , bleeding and segregation are minimized.
  • CHRYSO®Remblai Dose is particularly useful for very fluid backfill that eliminates the noise associated with the traditional backfill works.
Domains of application
  1. All cement
  2. Cavity filling, piping, trenches
  3. Pipes covering, cableways closing
  4. Light concrete, renovation concrete

CHRYSO®Remblai Dose should be used in combination with a (high range) water reducer of the range CHRYSO®Optima or CHRYSO®Premia.

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