CHRYSO®FOAM CQ is a chemical blend of organic compounds intended to assist the generation of stabilized air-entrainment during the production of low density concrete and mortar systems as light weight and foam concrete.

CHRYSO®FOAM CQ is specifically intended for the production of low density mortar systems such as pertile and vermiculate.

CHRYSO®FOAM CQ can also be used as a normal air-entraining agent for conventional concrete and mortars.

  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ creates a matrix of stable, evenly distributed air bubbles in both the fresh and hydrated system employed.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ prevents segregation of the cement and low density aggregates such as vermiculite / pertile or other low density aggregates such as polystyrene beads.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ reduces density due to the air-entrainment increases the workability of the mix.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ does not require mechanical mixing to entrain air, however, an approved foam generator is required to produce low density and foam concrete.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ has all the attributes of conventional air entraining admixtures.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ does not retard or affect the hydration characteristics of concrete or mortars.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ reduces density up to 70% mass reduction depending on the system used and mixing equipment employed.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ increase cohesiveness - preventing separation of dissimilar materials and differing densities.
  • CHRYSO®FOAM CQ improves workability - the micro air bubbles entrained act as ball bearings, lubricating the mix.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®FOAM CQ is recommended for all concrete and mortar mixes where low density and entrained air is required.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Highway slabs, runways
  3. Dams, reservoirs
  4. Road & maritime construction
  5. Compensation of the harshness of some natural sands with low fine particle content
  6. Concrete exposed to thaw
  7. Extruded concrete
Technical Data Sheet Download
  • Bulk
  • Cubitainers: 1000 L
  • Drums: 210 L