CHRYSO®Foam Protein

Organic foam, in the case of CHRYSO®Foam Protein, is based on a protein hydrolisation. Hooves, horns and claws of cattles are being cleaned from impurities, and mechanically reduced in size before being processed in an autoclave (pressure vessel). Other chemical components are been added during and after autoclave treatment. The protein concentrate is filtered afterwards to receive a clean material.

Components added improve stability, water retaining capacity, shelf life and other

Protein based foam agent by CHRYSO is completely harmless, NONTOXIC, NON-FLAMMABLE.

Protein hydrolisation is BIODEGRADABLE.


CHRYSO®Foam Protein is based on protein hydrolisation, and fall under customs tariff-number: 38244000 (additive for concrete).

CHRYSO®Foam Protein is NON-TOXIC, NON-FLAMMABLE and absolutely HARMLESS! When split, it just requires water to rinse/clean up.

Domains of application

CHRYSO®Foam Protein is recommended for all concrete and mortar mixes where low density and entrained air is required.

  • All types of cement
  • Highway slabs, runways
  • Dams, reservoirs
  • Road & maritime construction
  • Compensation of the harshness of some natural sands with low fine particle content
  • Concrete exposed to thaw
  • Extruded concrete
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