CHRYSO®Care Elio-Tec

CHRYSO®Care Elio-Tec leaves a greasy film on the surface of any metallic part, which prevents the hydraulic binders from naturally sticking, thus allowing easier cleaning.

  • CHRYSO®Care Elio-Tec doesn’t entrain air when mixed with the concrete. The first batch of the day can be used without any problem.
  • CHRYSO®Care Elio-Tec has a tracing effect. When sprayed on the humid parts of any equipment (mixers…) the product leaves a white film that enables to visualize the treated zones.
  • The concrete doesn’t stick to the mixer’s arms, which eases cleaning.
Domains of application
  1. Any metallic surface in contact with cement, concrete or mortar
  2. Mixers protection
  3. Truck protection
  4. Protection of blocks or curbs manufacturing machines
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