CHRYSO®ColorNeo is a tone on tone colored hardener especially designed for the enhancement and protection of new colored decorative concrete.


Thanks to its formulation, CHRYSO®ColorNeo allows to enhance the shade of decorative concrete which color suffered from weather and/or jobsite conditions. CHRYSO®ColorNeo gives a long-lasting protection while preserving the mineral aspect of the substrate.

CHRYSO®ColorNeo chemically reacts with the free lime and forms an insoluble silicate mineral into the capillaries. Thanks to this reaction, CHRYSO®ColorNeo waterproofs the surface and renders it highly resistant to chemical attacks (deicing salts, cleaning products, high water pressure cleaning, frost, climatic aggressions)

CHRYSO®ColorNeo increases surface hardness, stops the dusting phenomena and neutralizes the alkali process of concrete, thus reducing efflorescence.

Domains of application
  1. Pervious concrete
  2. Shot-blasted concrete
  3. Bush-hammered concrete
  4. Exposed aggregate concrete
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