CHRYSO®Finisol Brut

CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut is a water-based concrete sealer designed to protect aesthetic concrete, especially on concrete at early ages(12 to 24 hours after concrete casting). This product is particularly adapted to protect exposed aggregate concrete, on which it can be applied immediately after the wash out of the surface retarder.


CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut has a tracing effect that helps to see the treated areas and to optimize the dosage. The white aspect totally disappears when drying.

CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut is particularly appropriate to protect exposed aggregate concrete. It can be immediately applied after the washing away of the top-surface retarder.

CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut is a film-forming sealer that reduces stains and thanks to its hydrophobic and oleophobic functions, protects against water, oils and dust.

CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut improves surface toughness, abrasion and wear resistance (ISO 11-998 and ASTM D24-56) and reduces also the appearance of efflorescences.

CHRYSO®FiniSol Brut does not modify the aspect and the colour of the substrate on which it is applied. It is not yellowing in the length (Accelerated ageing test - NF EN ISO 11-507).

Its water based formulation makes it safe for users.

Domains of application
  1. Exposed aggregate concrete
  2. Aesthetic concrete
  3. Street furniture
  4. Precast elements
  5. Exposed aggregate roadworks and slabs
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