CHRYSO®RocaSol C is a ready-to-use liquid floor hardener (non membrane-forming) for the strengthening and the waterproofing of all mineral porous substrate made of cement and mortar.

  • CHRYSO®RocaSol C penetrates deep into the concrete forming a chemical reaction that locks the pores form within, providing a deep permanent seal on all types of concrete surfaces.
  • CHRYSO®RocaSol C chemically reacts with the free lime and forms a gel, which forcefully expands into capillaries and hardens as an insoluble silicate mineral. Thanks to this reaction, CHRYSO®RocaSol C waterproofs the surface and renders it highly resistant to chemical attacks (de-icing salts, cleaning products, high pressure cleaning, frost, climatic aggressions).
  • CHRYSO®RocaSol C gives to concrete a harder surface, stops the dusting phenomena and neutralizes the alkali process of concrete. It does not modify the aspect and the color of the substrate and is weathering resistant.
  • CHRYSO®RocaSol C increases substantially the physical properties of concrete surfaces.
  • Moreover, it is coatable and compatible with any type of covering (paints, resins, tile adhesives).
Domains of application
  1. On-site exposed aggregate, bush-hammered, brushed, broomed concrete
  2. Colored or non colored paver blocks
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