CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215

CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215 is a concrete admixture which has been specifically formulated to promote dispersion of particles in concrete, resulting in a major improvement in the workability.

CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215 optimizes the dosage of cement required to obtain a given concrete compressive strength. For an equivalent plasticity and after reducing the quantity of mixing water:

  • the concrete is denser
  • there is a reduced capillary action
  • depending on the dosage, there is an increase in compressive strength after 24 hours.
  • Enhances the workability retention of concrete in hot climates.
  • Water reduction ability.
  • The dispersion properties of CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215 allow the user to optimise the cement content when a specified mechanical strength is required.
  • CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215 has water repellent properties and can therefore be used to reduce the permeability of the concrete.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®Plast CQ 215 is recommended for all concrete mixes where water content, improved cementitious material performance, high workability retention and high strength characteristics are desirable.

  1. All types of cement
  2. Ready-mix concrete with stable workability
  3. Concrete of humid or plastic consistency
  4. Pumped concrete
  5. Pre-stressed concrete
  6. Heavy prefabricated elements
Technical Data Sheet Download
  • Bulk
  • Cubitainers: 1000 L
  • Plastic barrels: 215 L
  • Drums: 20 L