CHRYSO®ADM 11 is a process grinding aid specifically formulated to improve the grinding of minerals and particularly recommended for grinding cements.

CHRYSO®ADM 11 can reduce water demand for cement and concrete production and give increased early age mechanical strength of cement.

  • Increases mill production (10% to 25%) depending on the efficiency of the equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.
  • Reduces grinding energy costs.
  • Improves physical properties of the ground material.
  • Improves performance in both closed and open circuit systems at equal specific surface area or equal sieve residues.
  • The mechanical strength of cements are maintained and increased at later ages.
  • Bulk density is increased.
  • Powder flow characteristics are improved before, during and after storage.
  • Packset tendencies and coating are substantially reduced.
  • The risk of false set is reduced due to lower grinding temperature.
  • Cement particle size distribution is improved resulting in more thorough hydration.
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage (Initial set).


Domains of application

Grinding of cement according to ENV 197-1, type I to V, and also aluminous cements.

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